You can't stop, no you can't stop, no you can't stop Butcher Babies! So step right up and get your ticket as the band has just unleashed a brutal new track called "Monster's Ball."

In a post on their Facebook page, the group debuts the song and also reveals that they recently shot a video for the track that will be arriving soon. The song is from the band's upcoming disc, Take It Like a Man.

The song may be familiar to some Butcher Babies fans already as the group has been performing the track during recent shows. “We all come from different places and backgrounds, but every member of this band had to fight to be the person he or she is today,” explains singer Carla Harvey. “That’s the whole basis for the record. It’s not a gender thing. It’s the inner strength you have to find in order to pull your boots up and keep moving forward, whatever the situation may be.”

She adds, "“You have to dig to get that emotion out. Metal heads can sense authenticity. They know when you’re real. Everything we write comes straight from the heart and our own experiences. It’s not cookie cutter bulls--t.”

Meanwhile, co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd states, “We want to coerce feeling. If you’re a musician who does that, you’ve succeeded. We just want to inspire anyone who listens to us -- and melt their faces off.”

As stated, "Monster's Ball" will appear on Take It Like a Man. The disc, produced by Logan Mader, is due Aug. 21 via Century Media records. Album pre-order bundles information will be available shortly. Stay tuned for more thrashy goodness coming soon.

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