German metallers Caliban have just announced the release date of their eighth studio album, 'I Am Nemesis.' Caliban plan to unleash the next act of their career on Feb. 28, with an album that promises to be their heaviest yet.

Named after one of the main antagonists in William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest,' Caliban have been active for nearly 15 years, successfully riding the metalcore wave of the 2000s while capturing the attention of metal fans worldwide. Caliban's music has been getting heavier with each release -- almost transcending into deathcore territory with their 2009 full-length, 'Say Hello to Tragedy.'

The band spent 10 months writing new material for 'I Am Nemesis,' emerging from the studio with great excitement about their upcoming release. "It was important to us to have an elaborate album without any fillers," declares lead guitarist Marc Görtz. "Additionally, the sound of the album is the best we've ever had by far: it is heavy and brutal without being chaotic."

Görtz added by comparing their upcoming album to Meshuggah, one of the heaviest bands in death metal history. "The album breaks new soil without forgetting our roots. There are new influences such as shimmering guitar melodies and technical grooves with Meshuggah-like heaviness."

Caliban's 'I Am Nemesis' will be released on Feb. 28 on Century Media Records.