Sevendust bandmates guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose have created a sound of their own with their project Call Me No One. The duo have released their debut single, ‘Biggest Fan,’ off of their upcoming album ‘Last Parade,’ which is due out June 6.

With crushing drum patterns, blistering guitar riffs and a serious solo, ‘Biggest Fan’ is going to pound your ear drums. Right out of the gate Lowery croons, “There’s nothing worse than a hero / Condescending believer,” creating an anthem to keep arrogant, egotistical chumps in check.

The chorus is bound to get stuck in your head as Lowery belts out, “You are your biggest fan / I know you mean it / We’re all the same / Now follow me down to the end / We’re all the same / Now, follow me / Follow me!

In our exclusive interview with Lowery, he spoke in detail about the sound of this new project. “It’s a lot different from Sevendust, it’s hard but it’s not the same type of heavy that Sevendust is," explains Lowery. "We’re still developing it, we’re really excited about it.”

Lowery adds, “It’s [the album] going to come out in May. It’s gonna be on the same label that releases Sevendust, the Seven Bros. record company, with Asylum as a distributor. It’s really cool; we’ve wanted this opportunity to do something different, it’s exciting to finally have the opportunity to do this.”

Call Me No One are gearing up for a tour this Spring and Summer, stay tuned for dates!

Listen to Call Me No One, 'Biggest Fan'