Guitarist Clint Lowery is a busy man. Not only is he an axe-man in Sevendust, he is also part of the supergroup Dark New Day, who are set to drop their sophomore album ‘New Tradition’ on Feb. 28.

Dark New Day are made up of Lowery, his brother and the band’s bassist Corey Lowery (Eye Empire), drummer Will Hunt (Evanescence), Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence) and vocalist Brett Hestla (Virgos Merlot).

‘New Tradition’ is the band’s follow up album to 2005’s ‘Twelve Year Silence.’ Even though it’s Dark New Day’s first album in seven years, guitarist Clint Lowery says that the band wrote ‘New Tradition’ just one year after their debut disc.

When we had the chance to talk to Clint Lowery recently, he gave us the scoop on Dark New Day's new album, his musical relationship with his brother Corey and various side projects, among other topics.

What influenced ‘New Tradition’ and what does this title mean to you?

It was a long time, I guess it was seven years ago when we wrote it, basically we were irritated with the music industry at that time, the record company and all those things so it was kind of a way to vent on that. We kind of based the song around the meaning as well.

It’s been a while since the previous album. How does it feel to release this new material?

This isn’t new material, it’s new material to everyone else, we wrote after we finished ‘Twelve Year Silence’ like a year later. These songs were written and recorded years ago, we really wanted the fans that kept asking about a second record, we wanted to put together some of our favorite songs. We wrote 30 songs during that time, maybe more so we just kind of went back and re-tweaked a few things. It wasn’t like we were all in the same room recording and writing together.

Even though it was recorded a year after, how would ‘New Tradition’ to the first disc?

I don’t think it’s much different as far as stylistically I think it was just a continuation of where we were at, at the time, there’s a lot of songwriters in Dark New Day and each song has a different personality trait to it. It’s basically a continuation of it. On the first one, we wrote it all at the same time, all within a month and that one was spread out over a year’s time as far as the writing of it, it was a little disconnected in terms of style or musical direction, it was still pretty good.

Your brother Corey Lowery is in the band. Is it cool creating music with your sibling or can there be somewhat of a rivalry there?

No, I love it. We’re brothers so we have that sibling rivalry and kind of pushin’ each other a bit but we have a really good relationship, my brother and I. He’s involved with Sevendust and a lot of the projects that I deal with; I help him with some of the Eye Empire stuff and we’re just musical partners. We’re always going to be doing something we love, creating music together, I always enjoy it. Of course we bump heads sometimes, that’s natural, that’s part of our process. We respect each other and I think that’s what the most important thing is.

Do you think Dark New Day will go on tour at some point?

Yeah, I mean the thing is we’re all in different bands now so it’s just finding the time and now that this is coming out it kind of pushes us a little closer to actually figuring out a window of opportunity to go do that, but yeah it’ll happen in its time.

I spoke with Brian ‘Head’ Welch last year and he said that there was a possibility you two would collaborate, can you elaborate on this?

I love that guy, I think he’s an incredible talent and this guy Jasen [Rauch] who does a lot of stuff with the band RED and he was talking about us collaborating on somethin’ but things happen. What he was doing at the time didn’t really work out for us to get together. I really love what he does, he such a creative guy and a huge part of what that Korn sound is. It would be an interesting thing from playing with other Korn guys and then being in a situation where I can write with him and work with him, he’s just incredible, he’s doing good stuff.

Can you also talk a little bit about your project Call Me No One with your Sevendust bandmate Morgan Rose.

Me and Morgan are writing and recording it, we have a really good team with us -- it’s a lot different from Sevendust, it’s hard but it’s not the same type of heavy that Sevendust is. We’re still developing it, we’re really excited about it. It’s going to come out in May, it’s gonna be on the same label that releases Sevendust, the Seven Bros. record company, with Asylum as a distributor. It’s really cool; we’ve wanted this opportunity to do something different, it’s exciting to finally have the opportunity to do this.

Were there any influences or ideas that come from working with Sevendust that came into play when you recorded the Dark New Day songs?

I write a certain way and my writing influence is going to come through, I have a certain style that can kind of remind people of Sevendust. I write a lot of stuff for Sevendust so I take it with me wherever I go. I think Dark New Day and Sevendust are a lot different, mainly because the singer is different.