Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery must not be a fan of idle hands because he sure is a busy man these days. Other than his main gig as the guitarist in Sevendust, Lowery is also about to release a new album with his supergroup Dark New Day, and now, he’s working on another side project with Sevendust bandmate and drummer Morgan Rose.

The details on the project are pretty scarce at the moment but they’re calling it ‘Call Me No One’. Lowery checked in on Twitter saying he’s “very excited” about the new collaboration and the plan is to be in the studio within two weeks.

Rose checked in as well fielding a few fan submitted questions, one inquiring if they would be touring with the new project to which Morgan emphatically responded, “Absolutely!”

Sevendust will start writing for their new album in June leaving Lowery and Rose a few months to focus on Call Me No One.