Get ready for a bedroom mosh. Cane Hill, New Orleans' up-and-coming groove-meisters, have their eyes set on Jan. 19 for the release of their sophomore album, Too Far Gone, and have just dropped the slugging new single "It Follows," which can be heard above.

There's an ominous feeling during the opening moments and all suspicions are confirmed when the spotlight muscular riff unfolds. Each instrument gradually joins the fray as Cane Hill's treads begin to roll forward, trampling all that lies beneath them and plodding along to a beatdown drum rhythm. With a bit of a rap-rock / nu-metal cadence over the chorus, "It Follows" transitions from imposing to catchy, highlighting the beauty vs. brawn approach the band takes.

"This was a really fun song to write and it probably took us the longest. It's heavy and catchy all at once. We were trying to go for full-on 'metal epic' without overreaching, and I think we did just that," vocalist Elijah Witt told Revolver, who premiered the song.

Pre-orders for Too Far Gone can be placed here and look for the band on the road in North America starting Feb. 9. They'll serve as one of the support acts on Of Mice & Men's headlining jaunt, which is rounded out by Blessthefall and Fire From the Gods. To see if the tour is stopping at a city near you, head to this location.

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