Is there a greater headbanger on the planet that Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher? He doesn't think so, but he's always up to the challenge.

While speaking with Metal Hammer, Corpsegrinder proclaimed himself to be the world's greatest headbanger, adding, "I try to be humble but you've got to be the best at something."

Elaborating on his headbanging abilities and those who try to battle him, the vocalist continued, “I’ve said onstage, ‘Try to keep up with me. You will fail.' I’ve seen some kids hold their own. There are some in the front row [saying], ‘I can beat you!’ It’s a fun game and, I wouldn’t say they’re better than me, but there are competent headbangers out there. Headbanging at the start of 'I Cum Blood' is my signature part, so there are some great kids out there, but I’d never say anyone beat me.”

But before you go sending Corpsegrinder a "World's Greatest Headbanger" coffee mug, some of his peers weighed in on that statement. Chimaira's Mark Hunter appeared to concede the victory, commenting, "I don't think anyone is arguing," while Shadows Fall vocalist Brian Fair wasn't so easy to give the win, adding "Challenge accepted" on Twitter.

If anyone ever does top Corpsegrinder's headbanging abilities, he does have another skill that he's thrived at over the years. It was recently revealed that the singer is a whiz at securing stuffed animals from claw machines. A look at his Instagram showcases some of his past victories.

According to the vocalist, he enjoys the challenge. "I'm looking what's in there, and then I'm looking at how it's sitting inside of there. Is there something on top of it? Do I have to move that? As soon as I see how the claw reacts, I'll know if I'm gonna win. If the actual hands of the claw are set really loose, or maybe the machine has been used a lot, the sometimes stuff will just slip out," he said of the experience.

So what happens to his winnings? "I just like to play the claw machines. I save up quarters, and when I win we're gonna donate them for kids for Christmastime or whatever," says the singer.

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