Despite it being the middle of winter, you wouldn’t know it in if you were inside the sweltering Irving Plaza as Cannibal Corpse made fans headbang and sweat when they made their stop in New York City on Tuesday, Feb. 16, during their latest headlining tour.

With his steel neck, George “CorpseGrinder” Fisher and the rest of Cannibal Corpse spewed out favorite grotesque anthems like “Evisceration Plague,” “Scourge of Iron,” “Kill or Become,” the very romantic “I Cum Blood” and “Hammer Smashed Face.” After 25-plus years, Cannibal Corpse continue to stay true to the music that they want to make and that’s exactly why fans love them.

Legendary Florida metal band Obituary took the stage beforehand and had something special planned as the band seemed to be filming the New York show, possibly for a forthcoming concert DVD? With well over 25 years of music under their belts, Obituary have paved the way for many death metal bands and continue to raise the bar sonically and with their live performance. Concert DVD or no concert DVD, Obituary provided a ferocious and vigorous performance from beginning to end.

Montreal band Cryptopsy unleashed a vicious set earlier in the evening as frontman Flo Mournier relentless headbanged and wreaked havoc throughout. The night began with a crushing set from Abysmal Dawn who got the blood pumping early on. Check out our gallery above of all four bands completely desecrating Irving Plaza!

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