The closing night of the Carcass, Crowbar, Ghoul and Night Demon tour closed out in grand fashion at Toad's Place in New Haven, Ct. last night (Aug. 6). As a celebration of the final night and Ghoul frontman Sean "Digestor" McGrath's 40th birthday, Carcass invited him onstage for the most metal thing ever... a dance off!

Throughout the night, each band made a point to announce just how much fun the tour has been and they proved it when Carcass frontman Jeff Walker channeled his inner Derek Zoolander, imploring McGrath to cut a rug with him. Earlier in the night, Ghoul had brought out a cake onstage (photo below) to celebrate McGrath's birthday, but getting to bust moves with one of his key musical inspirations was likely the highlight for him.

In the video above, Carcass kept the beat from "Keep on Rotting in the Free World" going, providing a nice groove for the two frontmen to boogie to. Walker jumped up and down grabbing his waistband, pointed his finger in the air in what might have been the first nod to disco at a Carcass gig and even does something leading to the visceral vocalist to point to his posterior. McGrath gets downright silly, two-stepping a bit before joining Walker behind the microphone when they returned to the song.

McGrath wasn't the only one celebrating a birthday. Walker invited a 60-year-old woman in the crowd onstage earlier in the set and even landed her a "kiss on the lips" with guitarist Ben Ash. As the set closed, the frontman brought the members of each band onstage, again thanking the crews and bands for such a fun tour, sending the crowd into a further roar.

Carcass were touring in support of 2013's comeback album, Surgical Steel while Ghoul were touting their brand new record, Dungeon Bastards.

Ghoul Celebrate Sean 'Digestor' McGrath's Birthday

Joe DiVita, Loudwire
Joe DiVita, Loudwire

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