Cattle Decapitation have unveiled branded "2020 Sucks" face masks that feature graphics colorfully consistent with the death metal band's sordid sense of humor. That's because, while the mask's outward-facing side contains a mix of coronavirus-related memes and iconography, its inside portrays an asshole.

Indeed, the image of a human anus appears on the interior of the face mask that's now available to pre-order — take a look at the product preview near the bottom of this post. That means those who wear it will be figuratively sucking butt while displaying their love for death metal and a healthy sense of humor.

Not that anyone will know. The portion of the mask that faces the public only shows the comical selection of the year's conundrums. Those include Tiger King's Joe Exotic, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a concert ticket ripped in half. The Cattle Decapitation logo appears across a magnified COVID-19 cell.

A description reads, "Covid-19 contamination... Concert Cancellations... Conceited Cat Killers... Kenneth Copeland... Controversy.... Karen. Concurrently, 2020 has been one cacophonous dumpster fire of Coronavirus created community culpability. Celebrate our species-specific senselessness with this sensationally sublimated Cattle Decapitation '2020 Sucks' face mask. Featuring an assemblage of unfortunate anthropogenic anecdotes anno 2020! An obnoxious array of absurdity with a reverse side that features abominable assholery."

Expected to ship on or around June 15, each sublimated Cattle Decapitation face mask boasts a price tag of $15. Per the item's webpage, a "one-sided (butthole-less) version" of the mask will not be made available.

Still, the image of the product online shows a censored version of the mask's anatomical detail. But don't worry — Cattle Decapitation's website makes clear the "actual image on [the] mask is not censored."

Need more merchandise from the veteran deathgrind act? Stay tuned. A note from the band on social media lets fans know that "re-stocks and new summer line merch unveiling coming next week!"

Get your "2020 Sucks" face mask from Cattle Decapitation here.

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