The future of the music industry is beginning to present itself in a truly unique way. Instead of relying on money from record labels, bands from all different genres are beginning to turn to their own audiences to raise money for the costs of recording, touring and … puppy surgery?

After monumentally successful fundraising ventures from bands such as Protest the Hero and Chimaira, Chelsea Grin bassist David Flinn graciously asked his fans to help raise $2,300 for his beloved puppy Solo. Flinn's pet recently suffered a broken growth plate and three broken fingers on his left paw, and though Chelsea Grin is a very popular band, Flinn was unable to afford the vet bill, which he had to pay up front.

Flinn writes on Chelsea Grin's Facebook page:

This is David Flinn, first and foremost I want to apologize for what im about to ask for. Today my puppy Solo broke three fingers and his growth plate. The vet has told me he needs surgery and scheduled it for 10:30am tomorrow morning. Some of you may know that most musicians dont make that much money. The surgery is going to cost $2,300 and I have to pay it up front. I know this number sounds ridiculous for a pet but im sure if any of you have had to go through this you know it is not cheap. I have enough money to pay for rent and food for my family but after that I can not afford the surgery so I have no choice but to ask for your help. If I had anyone else to ask I would but I dont really come from money. So this is where you come in. If anyone would like to help by donating any amount of money it would help greatly.

Once again im so sorry to ask this of any of you. Thanks for you time and help.

Love your favorite bass player,
David Flinn

On the very same day that Flinn posted his plea (May 13), Chelsea Grin fans donated in droves, reaching the $2,300 goal in no time. Flinn profusely thanked his fans for their generosity, promising to refund every cent to those who donated after the $2,300 goal was met.

Chelsea Grin posted via Facebook:

All of us from Chelsea Grin would like to thank all of our fans for helping David out in a time of need. He is more grateful than you all know. We always knew we had the best fans in the entire world!!!! CG ARMY FOR F---ING LIFE!!!!!!

Way to go, metal fans! And get well soon, Solo!