Watch out Chelsea Grin, North Korean sympathizers may hack your email accounts. However, the deathcore act is unlikely to pull it's newest t-shirt, which depicts North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un sporting an actual chelsea grin with a bullet wound to the head.

In a bold move by Chelsea Grin, the band has released the limited-edition shirt in response to 'The Interview' controversy. Following hacker threats, Sony pulled the film from theatrical release in one of 2014's most bizarre stories. The movie company ultimately decided to show the film in limited cinemas and via Internet outlets, and 'The Interview' just became Sony's highest-grossing online release of all time.

Chelsea Grin have only produced 100 "Kim Grin-un" shirts, so act quickly if you're interested in grabbing one. In an act of rebellion against hacker threats, along with cinemas which chose to pull 'The Interview,' Chelsea Grin added the message "WE DO WHAT WE WANT" to their web store page.

The shirt is scheduled to begin shipping out on Jan. 5. To grab your own 'Kim Grin-un' shirt featuring a disfigured Kim Jong-un, check out Chelsea Grin's web store.