It's been a little over a week since AC/DC rocked Chicago's famous Wrigley Field. Fans absolutely packed the place on Sept. 15, but it may not have been without consequence. Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon thinks the AC/DC concert messed up the field, even blaming the show for a fielding error that occurred Sept. 21.

During the Chicago Cubs' 9-5 win over the Milwaukee Brewers, a shot was hit to second baseman Starlin Castro during the third inning. Castro missed the ball for a fielding error, but Maddon was quick to clear the infielder of any responsibility during an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

“Since the AC/DC concert, we’ve had a little bit of trouble,” Maddon said. “I don’t know if they were out there taking ground balls before the game, or if they had 9-inch heels or spikes … They totally messed up the infield, and it has nothing to do with the groundskeepers. I’ve seen a bad hop at third, and a bad hop at second. I didn’t see one bad hop all year. We just got to get it ironed out because I think Starlin has done a nice job at second base. I don’t want anyone blaming him on that error. It was a weird hop."

Starlin Castro spoke about the tricky hop, but also pointed out that the outfield grass hasn't been the same since AC/DC came to town. “It’s not even,” Castro said. “Some places are long, some are short. It’s not like it used to look.”

AC/DC will complete their North American tour dates on Sept. 28 with a gig in Los Angeles before heading home to Australia for a handful of November shows.

In other AC/DC news, the boys are teaming up with ALDI supermarkets to release AC/DC signature beer in Australian supermarkets. The brew will be for sale throughout supermarkets in New South Wales and Victory beginning Sept. 30. "We’re very excited to celebrate AC/DC's legendary rock status with the launch of AC/DC Beer in Australia," says an ALDI spokesperson. "The combination of great German Beer and Aussie Hard Rock just seems like a match made in heaven."

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