Children of Bodom were forced to cancel their Nashville, Tenn. set last night (Aug. 8). News sources are reporting that Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho has been taken to the hospital, which may have caused the Finnish metal band's sudden concert drop-off.

Children of Bodom just finished their run on the 2013 Mayhem Festival, opting to play a few more North American gigs before heading to Europe and Asia later this year. According to Metal Underground, Children of Bodom were unable to play last night, fellow acts Amon Amarth, Battlecross and Huntress performed extended sets to give disappointed fans a little extra bang for their bucks. Bodom are still booked to perform in Cleveland, Ohio tonight (Aug. 9) and at the Heavy MTL festival in Montreal on Aug. 11.

No official statement on Alexi Laiho's current condition has been released yet, but the frontman was admitted to a Norwegian hospital last year for a serious stomach ailment. Laiho recently told us that he had cut down on his drinking for health reasons, although we can not confirm that alcohol played a part in Laiho's 2012 hospitalization or this new possible hospital admission.

We've contacted some of Children of Bodom's representatives in an attempt to confirm Laiho's current state of health, but as of this posting, no official statement has been made.

Stay tuned for further updates on Alexi Laiho's health.