Children of Bodom's sound has taken a few different forms throughout their career, leaving fans to wonder what type of album they'll get next. Will it be thumping and brutish or will they let the frets (and keys) fly? It seems to be leaning toward the latter, at least if this new song "Under Grass and Clover" is any indication.

It had been said that Hexed, the new albummay lean closer toward the classic Follow the Reaper with more technical guitar work than Bodom had recently deployed. "Under Grass and Clover" asserts that notion, restoring the theatrical, fun element to the Finns' style. Check it out below.

“'Under Grass and Clover' is the sound of CoB on fire and has been my favorite song since it was written," says mainman Alexi Laiho. "It’s fast, melodic, heavy and dark but also short and sweet. Someone told me that it’s kinda like old school Dimmu Borgir and AWK and that’s pretty damn cool in my books so we must’ve done something right.”

Hexed will be out on March 8 through Nuclear Blast. It's the first from Children of Bodom since issuing I Worship Chaos in 2015 and marks the studio debut of axeman Daniel Freyberg, who replaced Roope Latvala in 2016. To pre-order your copy of the album, head here.

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