With their latest album 'Crown of Phantoms' set to be released on July 30,  have unveiled a teaser video (watch below). It includes 30 second samples from each song on the new record.

Chimaira have been through a lot of lineup changes the past few years. Vocalist Mark Hunter is the lone remaining original member. Emil Werstler (Daath) has been in the band for a few years, and has moved from rhythm guitarist to bassist and is now the lead guitarist.

The rest of Chimaira are drummer Austin D'Amond (Bleed the Sky), guitarist Matt Szlachta (Dirge Within), bassist Jeremy Creamer (Daath) and keyboardist Sean Zatorsky (Daath).

Hunter says, "When I started this band I had a desire to make extremely heavy, eclectic metal. Nothing has changed in that regard. I wanted to merge all the styles I loved into a hybrid of sounds. Having the chance to reinvent the group gave me the opportunity to work with unbelievable players and take the essence of Chimaira to uncharted territory."

"Assembling the right team was essential to creating what I feel is some of the craziest and most passionate music I've had the pleasure to be a part of," Hunter continues. The past defines us while the present refines us."

'Crown of Phantoms' Track Listing

1. 'The Machine'
2. 'No Mercy'
3. 'All That's Left Is Blood'
4. 'I Despise'
5. 'Plastic Wonderland'
6. 'The Transmigration'
7. 'Crown Of Phantoms'
8. 'Spineless'
9. 'Kings Of The Shadow World'
10. 'Wrapped In Violence'
11. 'Love Soaked Death'