The release date for ††† (Crosses) self-titled debut album is tomorrow (Feb. 11), and you can listen to a full stream of the album via Pitchfork. In a new interview, ††† vocalist Chino Moreno talked about the status of Deftones, and also about the loss of his bandmate Chi Cheng.

When it comes to Deftones, Moreno tells Rolling Stone they are taking a break. "We just finished a tour, so we're gonna take the rest of the year off," Moreno reveals. "We're gonna start writing some music early next year. I just moved to Oregon and Stephen is down in L.A. and Abe and Frank are in Sacramento, and Sergio is in Europe."

Moreno continues,"The idea is to just get together. The last couple records, we just threw ourselves into a small room and started playing. We just work organically, which I think works better than me writing a song and saying, 'Hey guys, learn this.' Hopefully in February we'll spend a couple weeks together, and just kind of get together and write music."

Last April, Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away at the age of 42. He had been in a coma for most of the past five years following a car accident. Moreno told Rolling Stone Cheng is never far from his thoughts.

"He'll always be thought about on a day-to-day basis," Moreno says. "It's not something that goes away, obviously. I think that when he did pass, it was very hard. It was five years where he was in a state where he couldn't speak. He was existing, but not existing. He was here, but not here."

Moreno continues. "I feel like with his passing, not to get back into the supernatural, he is more with us now then he was in the five years when he was stuck in that sort of in-between space. It's a little bit of a relief because I know that he's not suffering. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him."