Deftones' singer Chino Moreno remains hard at work on songs other than those of his main band. The singer formed the side project ††† (which is pronounced "Crosses") with Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and they will issue a second EP, dubbed 'EP ††,' on Jan. 24. Their debut recording, called 'EP †,' was released for free, in exchange for providing your email address. However, to prep fans for this new EP, the duo has issued an ethereal, airy new song, called 'Prurien†.'

You can go here to stream the song. It's a dreamy, beat-centered, almost romantic rock song that begs to be listened to on a pair of headphones so you don't miss any of the layers and nuances that are buried within the mix.

Lopez revealed that he and Moreno have written about 20 or so songs so far and this particular song started out markedly different than what you hear in the final product. Lopez admitted to that "the initial idea was almost metal. It ultimately morphed into something opposite of that – less aggressive, still big and resonating."

Loudwire is going to have to agree with Lopez there. The song isn't very metallic -at all- but it's lush, full and large, led by Moreno's familiar voice. He's just not screaming here. If you are a fan of both Moreno's and Lopez's work in their respective other bands, there's no chance you won't lose yourself in this song.

Readers, what did you think? Do you like the director Moreno and Lopez have gone in with the new ††† (Crosses) material?

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