If you're a Soundgarden fan, you've likely been wondering what's coming next after the band's successful re-entry into the music scene. King Animal did well, their touring was a success and they even mined the archives for a massive box set collection, but it's been quiet as of late. Add in the fact that there's all sorts of anticipation for the new Chris Cornell solo album Higher Truth this fall and that recent comment the singer made about his openness to doing something again with Audioslave and you might start to worry about the band's future. But rest assured Soundgarden fans, the foursome of Cornell, Thayil, Shepherd and Cameron will record again.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone about his solo disc, Cornell reveals of Soundgarden, "We're already working on new material for an album. And then I've got several other irons in the fire and things going that I won't mention now. There's a lot of things coming in addition to Higher Truth, as well as a new Soundgarden album."

So Soundgarden definitely is on the "to-do" list, but at present Higher Truth is Cornell's top priority. And for fans of his Songbook acoustic tour shows that celebrated his career as a whole, the singer says that the tour really inspired him. "I wanted to make an album of original material that serves this Songbook touring thing and makes it a living thing as opposed to a nostalgic one that looks into the past," says Cornell, who worked with producer Brendan O'Brien on the effort. "I wanted the album to be intimate and small so I didn't want to hire a band. I know how Brendan works. He's very focused and very quick and he always makes the right choices. Some of it was a leap of faith for me, but everything I wanted to get out of our relationship I got and none of the fears I had came to fruition at all. I feel like I got pretty lucky."

Look for Cornell hitting the road in support of Higher Truth. The trek launches Sept. 17 in Phoenix and continues into early November. The album itself drops on Sept. 18 and is currently available to pre-order via iTunes.

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