Soundgarden will always be remembered as one of the most popular bands of the '90s grunge/alternative rock explosion. After 13 years of rocking and millions of albums sold, Soundgarden disbanded in 1997, only to reunite in early 2010. Soundgarden have since been working on a new album, with frontman Chris Cornell promising fans that it will be unlike anything the band has ever done.

Chris Cornell hinted about a Soundgarden reunion on Jan. 1, 2010, via his Twitter account stating, "The 12-year break is over and school is back in session. Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!" Since his New Year's message, the band headlined Lollapalooza 2010 and have been jamming together with the intent of releasing their first studio album since 1996.

Cornell recently spoke with ARTISTdirect about the new Soundgarden material and how it will compare to Cornell's solo efforts: "Well, no matter what, Soundgarden is always going to be heavier. However, I also think musically the new Soundgarden stuff is different than anything we've ever done."

He continued, "Having said that, I think that's a theme we've always had. I think every time we've made a record it wasn't really that easy to compare it to the previous one -- other than that we're the same band. I think may be some moments that are sort of sonically quieter and more stripped-down. On the whole, it's a rock record. That's what we do."

Soundgarden's as-yet-untitled upcoming album is expected to drop in the spring of 2012.