Chrysalis have been tearing things up since the start of the year with their Reminder album and the single "My Eternity." Now the band is ready to show off more of their sound and look with the video for "Out of My Hands," exclusively premiering here at Loudwire.

Visually, director Albert Gonzalez of AG Films has created an interesting narrative, as viewers are taken into what looks to be a serious auto accident. Singer Yessi Burton watches intently as a body is placed inside an ambulance before we see that the body is that of his own and he's watching the events from an out of body experience. As medics attempt to revive the body, the focus turns to a sunny field where the brightness of the sun is overpowering. How does it all turn out? Watch the video above.

As for the song itself, it's a change of pace for Chrysalis after the heavier "My Eternity." The track offers a more hypnotic, dream-like vibe as it ebbs through the verses, only to have a crashing heaviness wash over the chorus, eventually ending with a building intensity.

Singer Yessi Burton says, "'Out of My Hands' is the second single and video off our album Reminder. We're proud of this track because we feel it shows we can be more than just a metal band. It represents our growth and maturity as songwriters. The song has a very personal meaning and is the first song off Reminder to use the supplemental percussion techniques we experimented with during the writing process of the album. We've been looking forward to putting this song out. We hope everyone enjoys the 'Out of My Hands' video -- we spent time coming up with the concept and we’re really proud of the result."

"Out of My Hands" is featured on Chrysalis' Ulrich Wild-produced Reminder album, which is currently available via Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Bandcamp and via the band's own webstore. The band will play at The Gem in Idaho Falls, Idaho, on Saturday night (March 4). Stay tuned here as Chrysalis reveal more tour dates. You can also stay up with the group via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the band's website.