Don't mess with the spirits, you may not like what you find. But you may like the new video for "My Eternity" from Chrysalis that we are premiering here at Loudwire.

The song is a crushing rocker filled with aggression with the vocalist vowing to come back and take his revenge. The clip itself follows a similar path, with a group of young people gathering at a seance in an attempt to contact the spirt of a woman they fatally wronged.

"‘My Eternity’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the new album," the band says in a statement. "We played it in front of live audiences and could see the positive reaction it was getting, so making it a single seemed like the obvious thing to do. The lyrics were written by friend and writer, Abby Sewell, who wrote them based on the novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, so the theme of revenge carried itself into the idea for the music video. This also marks the first time we’ve ever featured guest vocals on a track. Brigitte Roka did the female vocals and it really added a layer to the song."

They continue, "When it came time to make a video, we knew who we wanted to work with. We had seen the work of director Jonathan Martin and knew he was our guy. He came up with the concept based on the song's theme. It’s a revenge story; a young girl is killed, the murderers later perform a séance in attempt to communicate with her, she rises from the dead and takes revenge."

"My Eternity" was the band's first big production and they state, "Shooting the video was an amazing experience. It was like being on the set of a movie. There were a lot of really talented people that worked behind the scenes to create props and design the sets. We stuck around and watched the actors film their parts. It was cool to see Jonathan work his magic. The entire cast was just as excited to work with him as we were. We hope fans like it!"

If you like what you heard, "My Eternity" is featured on Chrysalis' third album, Reminder, due Jan. 13. The album was produced by Ulrich Wild. The single is currently available to purchase at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Keep up with all of the band's activities via their website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. And see where the band is playing in the dates listed below.

Chrysalis 2016/2017 Tour Dates

12/26 -- Hermosa Beach, Calif. -- Saint Rocke
1/13 -- Clarksville, Tenn. -- The Warehouse
1/14 -- St. Louis, Mo. -- The Firebird
1/15 -- Springfield, Mo. -- Outland Ballroom
1/17 -- Wichita, Kan. -- The Elbow Room
1/18 -- Oklahoma City, Okla. -- Thunder Alley
1/19 -- Fort Worth, Texas -- The Rail Club
1/20 -- San Leon, Texas -- 18th St. Pier
1/21 -- Houston, Texas -- BFE Rock Club
1/23 -- Austin, Texas -- Grizzly Hall
1/24 -- Abilene, Texas -- My Place
1/25 -- Lubbock, Texas -- Backstage
1/26 -- Albuquerque, N.M. -- Launchpad
1/27 -- Mesa, Ariz. -- Club Red
1/29 -- San Diego, Calif. -- Brick By Brick
1/31 -- Corona, Calif. -- M15
2/1 -- West Hollywood, Calif. -- Whisky A Go-Go


Chrysalis Music
Chrysalis Music

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