Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor just released his fourth book, America 51, and it’s no doubt his angriest effort to-date. Getting into the heart of American politics and the 2016 election, Corey Taylor sat down with us to discuss his latest long-form offering, which seeks to tear down political dogma on both sides.

Taylor actually started his fourth book with the impression that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election, but in a swerve that shocked the world, Donald Trump became America’s 45th president. After the victory, Taylor was forced to confront his computer and completely delete four chapters he had written for the book, starting once again from scratch.

Trump’s win actually turned out to be somewhat of a blessing in disguise for America 51, forcing Taylor to readjust his thinking and ultimately write a better piece of work. “It was the exact shock that I needed,” Corey confesses. “It got me off my high horse and got my feet back on that ground, which I desperately needed. It made me stop thinking that I knew what was going on in America and it made me take a look at actually what was going on in America. That, to me, made it a better book.”

Though Corey is highly critical of both Trump and Clinton throughout America 51, Taylor’s mockery of Trump (aka the Cheeto) remains vicious. Trump supporters may not make it through the entirety of America 51, but Corey isn’t stressing it. “[Trump supporters] are inflexible to the point of severity,” the vocalist professes. “If I worried about everything that I said around them, I wouldn’t say it, so I can’t start worrying about what this book says. People are going to be offended by it, liberals are going to be offended by it. Everyone is going to be coming after me.”

Check out our exclusive chat with Corey Taylor in the clip above. America 51 is now available, so click here to get your hands on a copy, and read an exclusive excerpt here.

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