It's been a pretty hectic year for Slipknot, who have spent the majority of 2015 on tour in support of .5: The Gray Chapter. But frontman Corey Taylor has found time in between tour legs to turn his attention to other musical pursuits. Fans are well aware of Stone Sour's trio of covers EPs, but the rocker revealed in a new interview with Nerdist that there's some original material he's been working through of late as well.

"On the music side, I’m just kind of demoing some stuff right now," said Taylor. "I’m not sure what it’s gonna be for. Whether it’s some solo stuff or whatever. But that’s really it — finishing up the Stone Sour EPs that we’re working on."

Stone Sour just revealed their cover of Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" with a guest vocal from Halestorm's Lzzy Hale. And Taylor says the spirit of collaboration is something he's continually interested in. He adds, "I’m getting requests for guest appearances all the time. So I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I appear on somebody else’s album again."

As for Slipknot, Taylor reveals, "Slipknot is doing Mexico City on Dec. 5, but that’s really it. Then basically we’ve got the rest of the year off. We’ve got sorely needed time off coming, and I am ready. I’m pretty beat up. We’ve been touring pretty hardcore for the last six months, and it’s kind of starting to kick all of our asses. But the cool thing is that by the time we get to Mexico City we’ll have been on the road for a year already with this album. We’re gonna do some stuff next year. But for the most part it’s been incredibly successful."

Stay tuned to see what 2016 holds in store for the ever-busy Taylor.

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