Stone Sour's Corey Taylor continues to roll out his 'House of Gold & Bones' vision. After issuing the 'House of Gold & Bones' comics earlier this year, the collection will soon be made available on paperback.

The 'House of Gold & Bones' comics were issued to coincide with Stone Sour's double disc release and expand upon the story told in the concept-based discs. The story follows the tale of the Human, who finds himself at a crossroads and must embark on a wild adventure through treacherous lands. As he continues his journey, followed at every step by a mob, he moves one step closer to finding either his salvation or eternal damnation.

Dark Horse Comics will release the graphic novel on paperback on Dec. 10. The book will include each of the four previously separately released issues. Pre-orders are currently being taken at Amazon.

Even though both albums and the comics are both out, this may not be the last interpretation of Stone Sour's 'House of Gold & Bones' albums, as Taylor has discussed the possibility of movie versions and a full-on tour focusing on both discs that could happen sometime in 2014.