In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Corey Taylor revealed his worst Slipknot masks in terms of practicality during live performances. As anyone can imagine, performing heavy music in masks and jumpsuits creates various potential issues, such as heat and hindered visibility.

"The hardest was my original with the dreads," he admits. "Anything that's full-headed, there's just no getting out of it. At least when you've got some kind of a half-mask with some buckles and shit, you don't feel like you're singing in a portaloo. But when it's all [closed], you just put this big rubber hood on and there's just no getting out of it. So, that one and the Iowa one, because they were basically variations of the same thing. Those were the worst."

"Honestly, the Vol. 3 one was pretty easy. However, it was the hardest to sing out of," he later added. "But because it wasn't like symmetric, it was hard for me to get the mic up to my mouth, so it really changed the way that my vocals sounded. Which is why now when I do my mask I make sure that the rubber is flushed with my mouth so I can get the mic up to it. You know, mask problems."

What is your favorite mask of Taylor's? The self-titled era one may have been a hassle, but it was terrifying in the best way, especially when the band made their network television debut in 2000. You can check out Taylor's interview with Kerrang! in full below.

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