Did Corey Taylor just reveal his newest Slipknot mask? It certainly seems like it. In a new video teaser for Slipknot's upcoming 'Prepare for Hell' tour, Taylor appears behind a piece of clear plastic, and though the man is partially obscured, what we're seeing is definitely not his face.

Slipknot have traditionally switched up their masks with each new album release, so as we wait for the Oct. 21 street date for '.5: The Gray Chapter,' it's not unusual to anticipate a new generation of masks.

While getting fans pumped about Slipknot's massive tour with Korn and King 810, Corey Taylor is wearing a mask which seems to have "Chelsea Grin" style cuts across its face. The wounds are bloody and look stitched up, perhaps premiering Corey Taylor's most lifelike mask to date.

If you pause at around 0:17, Mick Thomson's mask is blended in with the background.

YouTube: Slipknot

At around the 1:02 point of the video, a split-second image comes up with what appears to be Corey Taylor's new mask. (Thanks to Paul Vick for the screenshot)

YouTube: Slipknot

Also, at around the 1:05 mark, another image of what could be Shawn 'Clown' Crahan's mask flashes onto the screen.

YouTube: Slipknot

Masks for Sid Wilson and Craig Jones have also been spotted in the clip. (Thanks to Kenzie Sharp for the graphic)

YouTube: Slipknot

Tickets for Slipknot's 'Prepare for Hell' tour went on sale today! all online tickets purchased for Oct. 5 will include a digital download of the entire '.5: The Gray Chapter' album. For the full list of dates, click here.

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