Corey Taylor and his Stone Sour band mates will soon hit the studio to record a "grand" new album that is scheduled to be released later this year.

Taylor tells Loudwire that he and his band mates are finalizing the new songs and will head into the studio this March to begin recording.

"It is going to be a very, very grand project. We are looking to do a double concept album," said Taylor. "The story line I have had for a long time. It was inspired by my own life, to be honest."

As fans know, Taylor's earlier life included bouts with alcohol abuse and a a suicide attempt. Sober for more than five years, the Des Moines, Iowa, native is now fully immersed in both Stone Sour and his role as frontman for Slipknot.

The concept album, said Taylor, involves standing at the crossroads of life and knowing he can choose one of two ways to go.

"It really is a mid-life crisis sort of thing. When you hit your mid-to-late 30s you can keep walking forward and embrace a new stage of your life and really become the man you are going to be or you can stand and stagnate and cling to the almost romantic angst of youth and really stop evolving at this point. It's really kind of a problem a lot of men have. Actually a lot of women these days are having it too ... The songs will, of course, be more ambiguous so everyone can relate to them."

Taylor said that Stone Sour will tour behind the new, as yet untitled, release and that drummer Ray Mayorga will join them. Mayorga had what was reported a "minor stroke" after the group's May 15, 2011, performance in Des Moines, Iowa, on the band's tour in support of its album 'Audio Secrecy.' The band canceled the last five shows of that tour.

"He's doing fantastic," said Taylor of Mayorga. "Just a couple of days ago he got the 'A-OK' to run and roll. The only thing he has to change a little bit is the way he plays drums. He's a slammer! That's it though. He's doing great and is ready to go."

Check back with Loudwire shortly for our full interview with Taylor.


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