What does Corey Taylor think about fans texting during concerts? He doesn’t seem to be in favor of it, as the vocalist recently slapped a phone out of a texting fan’s hands during a Slipknot performance.

For many, phones have become the bane of a concertgoer’s existence. When they’re not being held up and blocking your view of the stage, they’re even distracting the musicians. Disturbed’s David Draiman recently went on an epic rant after he saw a woman texting during a gig, and don’t even get Maynard James Keenan started on phones at shows.

Slipknot posted a clip of Corey smacking the fan’s phone. This dude was right up against the barricade for this gig, claiming one of the venue’s best spots up front. As Corey walked across the stage, the house lights went up, revealing the texting fan to Corey. With almost no hesitation, Corey stepped up to the fan and BAM! Goodbye, phone.

Some fans asked Corey about the cell phone smackdown on Twitter, with Taylor responding:

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