Burbank, Stone Sour's not done with you yet! The Corey Taylor-led band released their Meanwhile in Burbank … EP as a Record Store Day offering over the weekend, but that's just the beginning of the covers from the band.

While appearing on The Jasta Show podcast with Jamey Jasta, Taylor revealed, "The second [covers collection]'s called Straight Outta Burbank and the third one's called No Sleep 'Til Burbank -- three EPs, five songs apiece."

Taylor went on to add, "We just want to share some of these songs that we grew up loving and we just want to pay homage to the bands that got us into music in the first place. … The next album, just to give you a little hint, has got everything from Bad Brains to Motley Crue and the third one is going to probably have Violent Femmes to Rage Against the Machine."

While Taylor did not confirm that the Violent Femmes song was "Add It Up," Jasta guessed and the singer played coy before stating, "We've got some great ideas for it and we're gonna give it our own little spin, kind of like what we did on Metal Church ["The Dark"], but not as heavy. We're just gonna do our thing and give it an AC/DC vibe to it."

And for those naysayers trying to read something into the fact that the band is offering up a series of covers sets, Taylor tells Jasta, "There's obviously the little bit of negativity where everyone is like, 'Well, they're doing covers. They're over.' That's not exactly why we're doing it a--holes, so just settle down and go back to your little troll den and figure it out." He adds that it was just something fun to do to fill time between discs.

As for when we might see the other two EPs, Taylor did not have a specific timeline.

Listen to Stone Sour's Corey Taylor on The Jasta Show Podcast