In 2017, Cannibal Corpse's killing spree continues with their 14th studio album, Red Before Black. It's one of the band's best in the 21st century from both a writing and production standpoint, a vein-splitting listen from start to finish and we spoke with frontman George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher when he dropped by our studio.

We got down to business immediately discussing "Heads Shoveled Off," one of Cannibal Corpse's sickest titles yet. "That's Pat O'Brien. Pat's come up with some of the crazier song titles we've had in a while." says Corpsegrinder, pinning the demented imagination on his guitarist. The song is about being buried up to your neck, awaiting the end as the shovel comes down. It's a horrifying thought, which took an even more dramatic turn during our interview. "What if it's not a clean cut? What if it's 'one-two-three,'" he asked, swinging his hand in a chopping motion.

Fans constantly decry the lack of overt gore in the lyrics from the Chris Barnes days, but now it's like Cannibal Corpse are creating audio forms of the horror genre, letting the narratives spill out in their music video visual counterparts. The video for the new track "Code of the Slashers" was delightfully tongue-in-cheek with human meat being packaged by a company named Cannibal Corps. Corpsegrinder hopes that outsiders' fears will be quelled by showing that their music is no different than the belligerently violent box office blockbusters that seem to come and go without alarms sounding in the mainstream.

The message seems to be getting through. "I've met a lot of fans and their parents who have brought them to the shows who have told me, 'Yeah, your album covers are crazy, the lyrics are crazy, but after meeting you, after meeting the other guys in the band, we realize that you're just a bunch of guys in a band.' It's just music. There's no agenda — no religion, no politics, just horror movies," the frontman adds.

Red Before Black is out now and you can snag your copy over at the Metal Blade webstore. Cannibal Corpse are already out on the road supporting the new record on a headlining tour rounded out by thrash breakouts Power Trip and death merchants Gatecreeper. See a list of all upcoming stops here and follow Cannibal Corpse on Facebook to keep up with everything they're doing.

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