If there's one thing we've learned in her 20-plus years of rocking, you do not mess with Courtney Love. And age has definitely not mellowed Love as she recently displayed during a concert in Adelaide where she unleashed an expletive-filled tirade on an audience member who tossed a beer can at the stage.

"In 20 years, no one's thrown a beer can at me except for you f---er," said Love, before clenching her fist and exclaiming, "Your weenie must be this f---ing big." In the video shot by the Daily Mail, there are bleeps to clean up some of the content flowing from Love's mouth, but the point is definitely taken.

In a moment of levity mid-rant, Love exclaimed, "The rest of you are excused," having laid down the gauntlet. But she wasn't quite finished, continuing to address the offender.

"You wanna go back? You wanna f---ing f-ck me up?," added Love, before concluding, "Throw a beer can at my Micko [Larkin]. I will f---ing kill you. Throw it at me next time. We'll have fun."

Love has been touring Australia of late. And while there had been talk of reuniting the classic Hole lineup in 2015, it now appears as though she's moved on from the idea. The singer stated that she felt that a reunion of the lineup would be lumped in with "the oldies circuit," and she's not ready for that. Earlier this year, the vocalist showed as much by releasing the songs 'You Know My Name' and 'Wedding Day' to positive reviews.

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