One of the great things about Courtney Love's music over the years is how rough around the edges she's always been. Fans recently got a taste of that with the releases of the singles 'You Know My Name' and 'Wedding Day,' and now Love is adding a visual element to things with the 'You Know My Name' video.

Love says in introducing the video's premiere, "I'm so excited to be getting back to my rocker roots and doing what I love. I had so much fun making it and I hope you all enjoy it!"

The clip finds love decked out in a white dress and powdered make-up slinking around her bedroom and making a hot mess of things as she goes. Clipped rose pedals, chandelier baubles, glitter and disco ball fragments are strewn across the room as Love performs amidst the sparkly clutter. A few of the scenes with Love on the bed even call to mind Hole's 'Doll Parts' video.

Both 'You Know My Name' and it's double A-side companion 'Wedding Day' are currently available via iTunes. To hear 'Wedding Day,' click the button below. Both tracks have arrived as Love plans to play dates in the U.K.