Courtney Love is getting ready to hit the road again, and the singer wants to have some new music to perform. Last week, fans were treated to the preview of her forthcoming double A-Side, 'You Know My Name,' and now we're getting the other half -- a song called 'Wedding Day.'

Where 'You Know My Name' is more of an infectious, foot-tapper of a track, 'Wedding Day' shows a more aggressive side. With both tracks, Love appears to be back on her game, as the songs are filled with the attitude we've come to love from the singer and plenty of hard rocking riffs.

'Wedding Day,' in particular, offers plenty of chance for Micko Larkin to shine on guitar, but there's a prevalent bass line that really stands out in parts and the drum work pushes the song along. As for Love, she's telling a tale that's more complex than just walking down the aisle. The singer belts, "Break my neck on my wedding day," and later lets out a cathartic yell over the songs final distortion-filled outro.

The double A-Side of 'You Know My Name' and 'Wedding Day' will officially be available as of May 4. Look for Love returning to the stage in the U.K. on May 11 and see all of her dates here.