The seeds have been sewn over the last couple of years, but now comes word that Courtney Love will indeed reunite with classic members from Hole's past for new music. In a new interview, Love reveals she's back working with bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, guitarist Eric Erlandson and drummer Patty Schemel.

Love told The Quietus, "I started playing with Patty and Melissa and Eric, just to see how that was. We already played like three or four times last week." Love also revealed that she's planning to release a new single called 'Wedding Day' that will coincide with her upcoming May tour of the U.K.

The Hole lineup last recorded together on 1998's 'Celebrity Skin' album, disbanding a few years later in 2002. Love would go on to record as a solo artist before eventually reclaiming the Hole name for her 'Nobody's Daughter' disc in 2010. However, Love was the only returning Hole member on that album.

In 2012, Love joined Erlandson, Schemel and Auf Der Maur for a one-off reunion onstage at Schemel's 'Hit So Hard' documentary party in New York. Though Schemel had discussed a desire to reunite, nothing happened at that point. But in late 2013, Love posted some photos online of herself with Eric Erlandson, stating that "2014 [is] going to be a very interesting year," which seemingly hinted at a reunion.

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