Grunge was alive and well in Brooklyn last night (April 13) when the mid-90s lineup of Hole reunited for an impromptu, two-song set.

The often controversial Courtney Love reteamed with her former bandmates, guitarist Eric Erlandson, drummer Patty Schemel and bassist Melissa Auf der Maur. The latter three were already billed to perform as Trinity Jam. Well they made it a foursome and it was the first time this incarnation of the band had played together in 15 years. Trinity Jam made its bed and Courtney lied in it.

The Village Voice reports that the band performed at Public Assembly in Williamsburg for the after party of 'Hit So Hard,' a documentary about Schemel. Erlandson, Auf der Maur and Schemel aka Trinity Jam had performed together last weekend, as well, after a screening of the film and a reading from Erlandson's book 'Letters to Kurt.' But tonight was obviously extra special, as Love joined the Trinity for a pair of songs.

Auf der Maur posed the question from the stage, asking if Miss World aka Love, who was in town, wanted to join them for a song. Love, dressed in black and white, took the stage with a bottle in hand and tuned her guitar ferociously while kneeling and asking for a strap. With her shock of bleached blonde, Love looked as she did during the era in which this lineup performed.

The quartet performed the signature song 'Miss World' from 'Live Through This,' in addition to the Wipers' 'Over the Edge.' The latter is a 1983 song by the Portland punk rockers.

After 'Miss World,' Love engulfed both Auf der Maur and Erlandson in hugs. The crowd chanted "One more song" and they were obliged by the Trinity Jam plus one!

It's worth noting that April 12 marked the 18th anniversary of the release of 'Live Through This.' Perfect timing, right?

Watch Hole Perform Two Songs in Brooklyn

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