Hole frontwoman and Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love recently spoke to Vanity Fair about her late husband. Love, widely know for her erratic behavior and drug use, responded to Vanity Fair's questions with a flood of angry rants. When asked if she was still mad about the Nirvana frontman's suicide, Love responded, “Mad? Ya think?! If he came back right now I’d have to kill him, for what he did to us. I’d f---ing kill him. I’d f--- him, and then I’d kill him."

Love's statement has rattled readers around the world and has been taken to heart by those who believe Love was in some way responsible for the death of Cobain. Love continued, "He tried to kill himself three times! He OD’d at least five times. I was the f---ing E.M.S. I was always sticking pins in his balls. I carried around Narcan!” (Narcan is a drug used to save the life of a heroin user who has overdosed)

Along with Love, Cobain left behind his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Now 19 years-old, Cobain's daughter emancipated herself from her mother two years ago. Love has since pleaded for her daughter's love, telling Vanity Fair, “It was my fault! I never read to her! ... Why didn’t I ever take her to a Broadway show? She f---ing loved those Broadway musicals!” Love ended the bizarre and morbid interview with an exclamation about the world at large, “They won’t be happy till I’m dead!”

The November issue of Vanity Fair featuring the full Courtney Love interview is currently on newsstands in New York and Los Angeles, and will be available nationally and on the iPad on Oct. 11. Love can also be seen a short film in conjunction with the Vanity Fair article. Watch it below:

Watch Courtney Love in "Courtney in Wonderland"

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