Rammstein didn’t invent fire, but can you really imagine a world where fire exists and Rammstein doesn’t? No, thank you.

You’ll see plenty of feuer in this Loud List, including a rare accident that happened back in 1996. The early incarnation of Rammstein would light a flaming sign above the stage, not utilizing the same perfectionism that goes into the show you see today. The fiery apparatus fell from up above, reportedly sending one fan to the hospital.

Beyond the incendiary, crazy Rammstein moments have come from the band no-f*cks-given attitude toward controversy. During “Buck Dich,” Rammstein would lead a line of gimps across any given venue. The BDSM man-train became an infamous image for the German band, giving their arena crowd a little look into the world of basement sex dungeons.

Speaking of sex, if you ever had the opportunity to see Rammstein perform “Pussy,” chances are you’ve witnessed Till Lindemann’s giant penis cannon. Perhaps celebrating Rammstein’s first No. 1 single in Germany, Till would hop aboard the phallic mechanism and douse the crowd with white foam. There were actually multiple versions of the penis cannon, one of which was crafted with exceptional detail.

Check out the Top 10 Craziest Rammstein Moments in the Loud List above.

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