Earlier this week, news broke that Crazy Town singer Seth Binzer, known by his stage name Shifty Shellshock, was admitted into an L.A. hospital after falling into a comatose state suspected to be brought on by his historic drug abuse. On April 3, he came out of the coma, is responsive and remains in the hospital for follow-up care.

Shifty, widely known for stints on VH1’s ‘Celebrity Rehab’ followed by ‘Sober House,’ has battled drug abuse for many years, resulting in an upcoming court hearing for his latest drug arrest for possession of cocaine. TMZ is reporting that Shellshock’s family is going to appeal to the judge to allow him to do his time in rehab rather than behind bars. No word yet on if Shellshock is on board with this plan or not but according to his family, he has been very anxious about possible jail time.

With no permanent physical damage and Shifty expected to make a full recovery, the ‘Butterfly’ singer is expected to be released from the hospital at some point in April. His family wants him to go directly to rehab, hopefully Shifty agrees.

While he’s in the hospital, there has been some drama in the waiting room. TMZ reports that his family never called Jasmine Lennard, Shifty’s girlfriend and mother of his son, to let her know he was there. When she did find out and tried to visit him, the family ceremoniously cursed her out leading to a heated exchange that had to be broken up by security. Shifty’s girlfriend told TMZ that his family blames her for the relapse.