Earlier this month, the playoff bound Texas Rangers and their fans caught the attention of the viewing public belting along to Creed's "Higher" during their divisional series against the Baltimore Orioles. Now, with word making it back to Creed of the team's adoption of their hit song, the band was in attendance for Game 3 of the American League Championship Series for the Rangers first home game after taking the first two games of the series against their divisional rival the Houston Astros.

As it turns out, Creed's music has served as a rallying cry for the team this year, with the band using their music to help snap them out of an early season funk as they tried to regain control of the division after an early year stumble.

Creed-mania was present throughout the evening, with the band taping a check in message for MLB Life, sporting their Rangers jerseys and Scott Stapp shouting out a "Go Rangers" for the cameras.

In addition, the Rangers organization used another Creed hit, "Are You Ready?" to soundtrack a pre-game hype reel as they returned home for the first time in this series. It included highlights from the first two games of the series, which the Rangers won in the visiting team's park in Houston.

Making their first public appearance since announcing their reunion earlier this year, the band soon felt the love from the Texas Rangers fanbase. Their big moment came later in the game with the stadium's video board turned the cameras on the crowd as Creed's "Higher" began to play, eventually revealing that the members of Creed themselves were in the house for the playoff game singing along with the Rangers' faithful as "Higher" rang out. Some fan-shared footage of the audience reacting to Creed and singing along to the song can be seen below:

The band members also later took part in a press conference with reporters, talking about the team's embracing of their music. Guitarist Mark Tremonti discussed initially being flooded with phone calls and messages from friends when the team started playing their music at games. "It's great that the Rangers and us can help each other out," stated Tremonti.

Meanwhile singer Scott Stapp noted the city of Dallas' longtime support of the group, adding, "Of course how could you not embrace a city that's embraced us for many years. The Cowboys, back in the early 2000s, and now the Rangers. We're fans of anyone who supports us, and we support them and even who don't support us, we love them. We love everybody."

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Sadly, the Rangers lost the game 8-5 to the Astros, with Game 4 in the series also set to take place at Texas' Globe Life Field tonight (Oct. 19).

Earlier this year, Creed announced their reunion via next year's Summer of '99 festival cruise. Once that quickly sold out, the Summer of '99 and Beyond cruise was announced. The at-sea performances will be the multi-platinum band's first shows since December of 2012.

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