Things continue to get worse for Creed frontman Scott Stapp, who has now lost custody to his children. According to TMZ, a Florida judge has ruled that Stapp's estranged wife, Jaclyn, will have sole legal custody of the couple's three children.

Stapp's woes came to light just before Thanksgiving when the vocalist posted video from a Holiday Inn he was staying at claiming that he was penniless and spending time living in his truck after a vicious attack by someone who had raided his financial accounts.

The vocalist claimed that he was sober when making the video and had continually been tested to back up his story and that he wanted his children to know that the truth would eventually come out. Soon after, it was revealed that Stapp's wife was planning to file for divorce and had petitioned to have the musician held on a psych hold after he had reportedly relapsed into substance abuse.

In the time since, Stapp has remained estranged from his family, but did launch a crowdsourcing campaign to fund his next solo album and a book he's writing. Stapp asked for $480,000.

A 911 tape recently surfaced in which Scott's wife and sister-in-law called the local sheriff's office claiming that the musician was riding around on a bike shirtless with what he claimed were CIA documents and claiming that he thought he was "supposed to assassinate Obama." Another 911 call around the same time has also surfaced, with Stapp claiming that his wife stole his vehicle and was threating to release photos that could ruin his career.

According to TMZ's report, there's no indication that Stapp even receives visitation rights as part of the ruling. The judge also ruled that the musician has no right to stay in the family home, as it's exclusively for his wife and children.

Earlier this week, Stapp reportedly missed a mental health court hearing after being served a summons to appear. If Stapp does turn up to the courthouse at this point, he could be subject to a contempt of court charge. He also could be forced into a psych hold without his consent.

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