We've got more to report on Creed singer Scott Stapp's recent troubles. According to GossipExtra, the 41-year-old vocalist was reportedly served with a court summons to determine if Stapp needed to be held in a psychiatric hospital for a mental evaluation and drug treatment. However, Stapp never made it to court.

The Stapp saga began about two weeks ago when the singer posted a lengthy video claiming he was "completely penniless" and was splitting his time between living in a Holiday Inn and his truck. Stapp's estranged wife claimed Scott was struggling with drug issues, while it was also reported that Stapp was placed on psych hold and has threatened to kill himself.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti attempted to reach out to Stapp, while bassist Brian Marshall succeeded in contacting the vocalist. Scott Stapp's son also reportedly made a comment online about his father's issues, writing, "My father once again chose drugs over his family."

As for Stapp's court summons, there is little authorities can do, as this is a civil matter. However, if Stapp does turn up to the courthouse at some point, he runs the risk of being held in contempt of court. Stapp could also be forced into a psych hold without his consent.

Stay tuned for more on Scott Stapp as news continues to develop.

Scott Stapp's Court Summons


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