Creed reunion talk continues to heat up following an update to the band's profile pictures on social media last week. Now, the group has shared a teaser video for what is being dubbed the Summer of '99.

The clip, which can be viewed further down this page, shows photos of Creed throughout the years, set to music from the Human Clay song "Are You Ready?," which flashes as text-on-screen as well before the words "Let's Go Back to the Summer of '99" come into the picture, followed by "Coming Soon 7.19", meaning another announcement is expected on July 19.

It's not the first time a reunion has been theorized in recent years, either. Back in June of 2020, Creed updated their profile pictures on social media with a new logo, sparking comeback chatter amongst the rock community. Obviously, this took place during the thick of the lockdown phase of the pandemic, so the intent behind the update is purely speculative.

Now though, with this new video, it really does appear that something big is about to finally happen. The band was first active from 1994 through 2004 and again from 2009 through 2012, with three albums released during their original run and one comeback album during that first reunion era.

Regarding the Summer of '99, it is presumably in reference to the year Creed experienced their big breakout on the back of their sophomore album Human Clay and its mega hit songs "Higher," "What If" and "With Arms Wide Open."

Watch the teaser clip right here:

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Earlier this year, singer Scott Stapp was rather candid about the band's 2004 breakup, noting that some of the members felt like they were living a bit of a lie with their personal lifestyles not aligning with that of "someone who claims to be a Christian." Stapp himself took a lot of the blame as well, acknowledging he "got mixed up in some things I shouldn't have that I go to a program for today."

Read more about all of that here.

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