Crobot are road warriors who have spent most of this year on tour. During their stop in New York City, we caught up with the band's very cool frontman Brandon Yeagley for a fun game of ‘Would You Rather?’ He talks about his love of touring and playing small shows as well as his thoughts on today’s music industry. Check out our interview with Brandon Yeagley of Crobot playing ‘Would You Rather?’ below:

Would you rather be really late for a show or mess up onstage?

Wow, I’m going to say I’d rather mess up onstage because we’re only human and it’s going to happen and it certainly does happen. It’s something we try to avoid at all cost for sure. Being late, I don’t know there’s just no getting around that and you just feel like a d---. No matter what excuse you have, Axl Rose kind of ruined that for all of us. [Laughs]

Would you rather be in the studio or on tour?

Man, that’s another tough one. I’d say on tour, the studio is great and I love being stuck in the studio for hours and hours and being in that time warp of not knowing what the song is. There’s something about being on tour that releases that spirit. Usually no matter where I’m at I have a smile on my face and it’s not just because I’m high, I just really enjoy being on tour.

Would you rather have a massive bank account or a massive fan base?

Massive fan base any day of the week! It’s the greatest feeling in the world to see people out there singing back to you. If we ever do get to a point where we have a massive fan base, we have really good fans and it’s kind of taking a step back and looking at the Taj Mahal like this is what we built. It would be a very proud moment to be out there and see a lot of people out there.

Honestly I think with the state of the industry today, it’s a good thing that nobody’s buying records anymore -- I mean, not for the artists trying to survive out there. It’s tough, it makes things a lot harder for us. At the end of the day it’s going to be people who are out there that really enjoy it. We’re certainly not out here for the money, we’re out here because we enjoy doing it and if the money comes as a side effect that’s all well and good. I’m just hoping to pay the bills one day and if not we’re just going to stay out here and keep running away from the bill collectors. [Laughs]

Would you rather tour with a band you didn’t respect or tour with a band that didn’t respect you?

I’d have to say I would be up to the challenge to tour with a band that didn’t respect us, I would really be up to that challenge. I don’t know I just think that maybe we can win them over. There’s hope in my heart that we would maybe win them over.

Would you rather play club shows for the rest of your life or festivals?

I got to say club shows, I love the fact that fans are in your face. They’re in the splash zone and there’s nowhere they can go. Festivals are great because the masses are there and you have so many bands in one place and it’s a beautiful thing.

Would you rather be an ‘80s rock band in present day or would you rather be Crobot in the ‘80s?

Crobot in the ‘80s for sure, I never was really a fan of that whole cock rock thing. I love Steel Panther because it’s complete irony, the satirical look on it is brilliant. I just never got it and I think it was more of the presentation because you had a ton of great musicians and players of that era. Some of the greatest guitar players came out of the ‘80s.

Would you rather marry Ozzy or Lemmy?

Wow. Well I’ve been told al lot that I look like Lemmy so if I married Lemmy it might be a little strange, almost incestuous. [Laughs] Pillow talk with either would be pretty interesting.

Our thanks to Brandon Yeagley for playing ‘Would You Rather?’ with us! Check out Crobot as they rock aboard this year’s Motorboat Cruise, go here for details! You can also catch the band out on tour with Motorhead. See the dates here.