Crobot continue the roll out for their next studio album Motherbrain, today releasing the new song and video "Low Life."

For the visual representation of the song, the band adds in a sense of humor with the David Brodsky-directed clip. The video focuses on the charismatic TV figure portrayed by Brandon Yeagley, who can best be described as showcasing questionable behavior in his interactions with others. But will the talking head figure out the social cues or continue to conflict with the norms of expectations? Watch is play out below.

Yeagley, in the voice of a master pitchman, states, “Gather 'round Beardos! Getcher ears to watch and your eyes to listen to the Crobot channel's Low Life transmission. What we're selling is kid-tested & Motherbrain approved. And you too can have your own Low Life anthem for the one time only low, low price of your soul! Just sign right here...annnnnd here...”

"Low Life" is the second song to arrive from their upcoming release, with "Keep Me Down" being the first single from the forthcoming Motherbrain album. The song was co-written with Johnny Andrews, whose had a hand in hits for Three Days Grace, Halestorm and All That Remains among others.

“It’s a song we never would’ve written by ourselves," says guitarist Chris Bishop. "That makes it cool. It took us out of our comfort zone.” “It’s an anthem about this outside perspective on the definition of a lowlife,” adds Yeagley. “There’s a misconception that being a touring musician without a lot of money makes you a lowlife, but how is that really any different from the rest of the world? And, if that does make you a lowlife, we’re okay with it!”

The Corey Lowery-produced Motherbrain album is due Aug. 23. “I think it’s a much darker record, musically, lyrically, and thematically,” says Yeagley. “It’s some of the heaviest material we’ve ever done, but it’s also some of the funkiest. We’re widening the Crobot spectrum even more. It’s the catchiest too. It’s less about wizards and dragons and more about everyday turmoil and the struggles of life. Corey made it digestible and appealing for not just dudes with beards or chicks with dicks.”

For those who want to make their reservations now, you can pre-order via the platform of your choosing at this location. In advance of the album's release, Crobot will be hosting four record release shows. See those below.

Aug. 22 - Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Saint Vitas
Aug. 23 - Teaneck, N.J. @ Debonair Music Hall
Aug. 24 - Andreas, Pa. @Skookstock
Aug. 25 - Asbury Park, N.J. @ Asbury Lanes

Crobot, "Low Life"

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