Energetic rock act Crobot played arguably the tiniest stage they’ve ever played in New York City with a very intimate showcase at Berlin Bar where they unleashed songs both old and new. The band's Welcome to Fat City is due out Sept. 23 and it’s their highly anticipated follow up to their debut record Something Supernatural.

In true Crobot fashion they began the set with new songs. Hair flew as bass lines grooved and the band as a whole performed and sweated it out as if they were headlining Madison Square Garden. Among the new tunes were tracks titled “Easy Money,” “Hold On” as well as the super funky “Blood in the Snow” and the smoother, more mellow tune “Moment of Truth.”

Bathed in red light, frontman Brandon Yeagley commanded the stage with his graceful moves and he belted like none other with a voice and onstage persona reminiscent of the 70s-era rock gods. The band also cranked out their brand new single “Not For Sale” and Yeagley spoke to the crowd about his enthusiasm for the music video. “It involves a lot of dads,” Yeagley teased. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Crobot also performed favorites from their first album. “Skull of Geronimo,” “Le Mano de Lucifer” were among the set highlights, while they ended the night with “Legend of the Spaceborne Killer.”

Each member has their own energy onstage, bassist Jake Figueroa almost looks possessed by the groove as you can just see that he feels every note that he plays, not to mention he appreciates an “Open F---ing Bar” which is what he shouted throughout the set. Guitarist Chris Bishop releases some serious riffage from his axe which is the backbone to many infectious Crobot tracks. And drummer Paul Figueroa keeps it steady with a strong foundation behind the kit. Put all four members together and you get something truly irresistible.

Check out our gallery above of Crobot kicking some serious a—in New York City!

Listen to Crobot's New Track "Not For Sale"