Crossfade have been very busy since the release of their latest album ‘We All Bleed,’ which was the band’s first disc in five years. They have also been heating up airwaves with singles off of the album such as ‘Killing Me Inside’ and ‘Prove You Wrong.’

When we got to speak with Crossfade bassist Mitch James, he dished on their idea for fans becoming a part of the video campaign for their new single ‘Dear Cocaine.’ James also spoke about what the new track means to him; his love for Alice in Chains and Soundgarden; and much more.

Talk about the fan collaboration for ‘Dear Cocaine’ and where the idea came from.

Well we knew this was going to be the new single and we talked to a lot of people who already heard the song or bought the album or seen it live and a lot of the feedback we were getting was like, “Man I can relate to that song so much.” It doesn’t necessarily relate to it on a drug level, but they certainly feel what we’re feeling in that song and I think a lot of people related to what we were doing. It doesn’t have to be about drugs, it could be anything in your life that brings you down.

So we thought maybe we can get people to be a little more hands on with it and say what they felt - what was their cocaine if you will and write a poster and film it, take a picture of it and we were just going to put it all together and make a cool little [video project].

What does the song ‘Dear Cocaine’ mean to you?

Being in a band for as many years as we have and being on the road we came across a lot of people that had things that weren’t good for us. I guess being famous or popular everybody want to give you stuff whether it was that particular drug or alcohol or pretty much anything so we certainly saw that happening in our lives on the road for a year at a time. Once we got home and shook ourselves awake and realized we were out of shape and felt terrible all the time the next thing to do was to get wise and start acting like we were grownups again.

How did you guys choose ‘Dear Cocaine’ as your next single?

The president of our label was a huge fan of ‘Dear Cocaine’, he called it the 2012 ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ just because it was so long and just different than anything else that was on the radio. He was a big pusher of that song but we all agreed that it would be a cool thing to push to radio, it has a lot of bad words in it and if you don’t get the message you think it’s about something completely different.

What are some of your other favorite songs on the new album?

I do like ‘Lay Me Down’, ‘I Think You Should Know’ is very cool, I can just listen to it over and over again and I’ve had it for two and a half years while it was being recorded. I think they’re all fantastic and I wouldn’t take anything off the album. I don’t really have a particular favorite, I like them all.

This entire album is pretty inspirational, were there any particular albums that have inspired you to get through a specific struggle?

I couldn’t tell you any recent ones, no. Alice in Chains' ‘Dirt’ I could listen to that every day, ‘Badmotorfinger,' Soundgarden. Those two albums are probably my two favorites of all time, they’re the go to albums when I’m feelin’ down or when I just want to scream out loud.

You guys will be on tour with Weaving the Fate, what are you looking forward to most about this tour?

We’re great friends with those guys, technically, actually family. Jeremy [Roberson] their drummer is actually playing drums for us on this tour as well so it’s a tight knit group. It’s going to be like having a part of home having those guys with us – we see them every weekend and have fun while we’re at home so it’ll be the same out on the road. We’re trying to get them some much needed recognition, much deserved recognition, hopefully them being out with us they’ll have a whole new crowd of people who never heard them before, they’re amazing.

Click here to find out more about Crossfade's 'Dear Cocaine' project and watch a video message from the band in the clip below.

Watch a Video Message Below From Crossfade About Their 'Dear Cocaine' Project