Last month, Crossfade reached out to fans inviting them to participate in the making of their new video for ‘Dear Cocaine.’ Now, Loudwire has the exclusive premiere of the resulting music video.

The haunting piano driven track portrays a very personal account of frontman Ed Sloan’s battle against his own demons. While chronicling his drug abuse, it also has a much broader and positive message to spread, sharing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to fight to find it.

"'Dear Cocaine' is a letter to that drug demanding that it will no longer have a place in this life,” explains Sloan. "'Dear Cocaine' touches to the very nerves and bones of love, hate, hope, and redemption. I’ve personally seen this drug tear through the fabric of many lives and I can only hope that this song has a positive, motivating effect to those who are or have gone the gravitational effects of it or any other drug.”

The making of the video included a campaign asking fans to send in submissions chronicling their own obstacles in life – whatever they may be –  anything from addiction to depression to even the most basic principles like wanting to be respected by those around them.

When we talked to bassist Mitch James about the video project, he told us, "We thought maybe we can get people to be a little more hands on with it and say what they felt – what was their cocaine if you will and write a poster and film it, take a picture of it and we were just going to put it all together and make a cool [video project]."

The video is a mix of black and white performance footage from Crossfade’s set at Rock on the Range mixed with the shots of fans holding up their contributions with signs reading things like “Dear anorexia nervosa, I’m not your whore anymore,” pulling lyrics from the song and replacing Sloan’s demon with their own. With everything from social anxiety to one fan dealing with the death of her son, the fan submitted photos are moving yet emit feelings of hope. Check out the video below.

Watch the Video for Crossfade, 'Dear Cocaine' [Exclusive Premiere]