Over the last few months, Danny Worsnop has shown himself adept at dipping his toes into the country waters with songs from The Long Road Home solo album, but the singer may have hit his rawest moment yet in the video for the song "High" off the disc.

The singer recently teamed up with director Blake Judd in Kentucky to shoot the video for "High," and the clip beautifully captures the despair in the lyrical content of the song. While the video climaxes with Worsnop setting a house on fire, the damage that led up to that event was evident long before the flames did their work.

In the song, Worsnop sings about having it all only to have it all taken away, and the story told mirrors that feeling. The singer sits sadly outside of the run down, abandoned home, swigging away on a bottle of booze and looking as though he's reached his emotional end. After setting fire to the home, Worsnop sticks around to play amongst the flames before escaping just ahead of the home being fully engulfed.

The Long Road Home album is available via Worsnop's website in a variety of options or digitally via iTunes. In addition to his solo work, Worsnop has returned to Asking Alexandria and he's also expressed his desire for a new We Are Harlot album.

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