Any day where fans can hear a new Darkthrone song is a good day. Today is one of those days! Fenriz, one half of the Darkthrone duo, has premiered "Tundra Leech," the opening track (video above) off the black metal legends' forthcoming 16th studio effort, Arctic Thunder.

As always, the song is loaded with riffs, which Fenriz details before playing the song. He makes references to bands that inspired these riffs, including Dream Death, Necrophagia, Sadistic Intent and Poison Idea. The tempo plods on as Nocturno Culto's demented, undead vocals pad "Tundra Leech" with extra grime and dirt. As the band promised, the song represents a return to Darkthrone's more primitive early offerings.

Following the song's conclusion, Fenriz goes on to describe the recording process. Returning to their rehearsal space — the "bomb shelter" — from 1988 through 1990, they properly recaptured the feeling of old, recording the song in an open room where the guitar audio bled into the drum recording and vice versa. With very few tweaks regarding post-production, the album was left rather raw, adjusting volume levels with a slight mastering job to bind everything together.

Arctic Thunder will be released on Oct. 14 through Peaceville. The album will arrive on CD, limited edition orange vinyl, black vinyl and digitally through iTunes.

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